I miss the days when you could just open up a text document and copy over a crazy doctype, an html, head and a body tag and start coding! Now you need like a million things to even start developing a site. jquery, modernizr, bootsrap, custom js plugins and css helpers I’ve come to rely on!

I used to copy over an old site, remove everything specific from that site and start work. I decided a while ago that was silly, because mostly I get given 2 days to do a weeks worth of work, and every second counts in that situation, I’ve just learned to expect disruptions and also to be prepared!

If you would like a base to start from you can download my boilerplate (femPlate!) here.

Its a combination of initializr, bootstrap, modernizr, some of my javascripts and other useful snippets I’ve found over the years. Its well documented and is laid out using the SMACSS principals. Its pretty barebones, in fact when you install it its effectively just a bootstrap layout but give it a chance, modify it, fork it and suggest some improvements!