I really want a 5d mkii I mean, who doesn’t! but then I don’t need one. I decided on the 550D over the 7D because of size. (their pretty much the same thing anyway). I like that the 550D can act as a p&s, albeit a big one, but that it can also look like a bigger camera with this beauty!! I cannot recommend it enough! Its less than half the price than the canon equivalent, comes with 2 (unofficial) batteries, can support AA’s and is built beautifully.

Battery Pack

It comes with two ‘trays’, AA’s or rechargeable.

They have neat little twisty things to lock them in place when you put them in the grip.

isn’t it lovely?


Now here’s a neat feature, open the battery case and you see where the hinge is – that slides out.

You see the arrow – thats where the battery cover lives!!


There it is, in its new home.

There, isn’t it pretty!