I seem to have inadvertently started a badge collection. I’m not sure how but I have lots of them now and I needed a nice way to display them.


I had lots of ribbon I bought from Tiger and a bit of washi tape. I cut a short length of ribbon, cut a triangle out of the end and washi taped it to my mirror. Then I simply attached the badges.


My collection has grown since I made this. All of the badges on here are ones Greg bought me.
From top to bottom the badges are.

  • Japanese Broadcast Embassy. When Greg worked on the Olympics there was a bit of a badge trade going on amongst the crews. One of the japanese translators gave greg this badge. Naturally he gave it to me!
  • Scottish flag, from a shoot at a Games convention in Cologne.
  • Puffin, Bat and Otter are RSPB badges. I need a robin and a pigeon to add to my favourite animals collection!

I’ve since added a Mr B badge!