I’m not sure if I can do just one, so I might have to spam you with youtube  clips, which unfortunately will mostly be in Japanese….er, sorry about that, but you never know you might like them!

A friend of mine from Uni came to stay on Monday and we went way overboard on the anime. We had a day in london visiting forbidden planet which has the most awesome collection of manga I’ve ever seen in the UK. Plus they very often have sales on! I bought tokyo mew mew vol 1-6 for 99p each! Cyber Candy – Sweets from around the world. Reminds me of when I was little!, Snog for frozen yoghurt and New Loon Moon. if your ever in chinatown you must visit this supermarket, I love asian instant noodles, they dont go all mushy like uk ones! We also went to the science museum but that doesn’t fit in with the Japanese theme…!


Yoko Kanno – Sora (from Escaflowne)

Akino Arai – Voices (from Macross II)

(Listen to This as to why I prefer the japanese versions!!)

Full Moon wo Sagashite – Myself

Last one I promise!

Full Moon wo Sagashite – New Future