As I’m now officially a commuter I’ve easily finished reading my first book from the summer reading challenge I posted about here

Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol. I’ve read and enjoyed all of Dan Browns books, although some stand out as being much better than the others. This one I have mixed feelings about. I’m a slow reader at the best of times but this book seemed to go on forever!

The whole story takes place over a period of 10 hours. When certain events do take place you find yourself making silly expressions and noises while you try to read as quickly as you can to find out the next piece of the puzzle. Reading this book really did make for some tense moments!

I don’t wish to give away any of the plots twists and although some (especially for me at least having read all of Dan Browns other books) were predictable I was still shocked by some of the events in this book.

The story revolves around the Masons one of the most misunderstood ‘cults’ (for lack of a better word) and their protection of the Secret Mysteries. Unfortunately for the masons a sinister character has infiltrated their various levels and is after the lost symbol which will lead him to the secrets. Through a clever and gruesome series of events Robert Langdon, our famous professor is brought in on the action along with a few other characters who all have their roles to play in the complicated alliances and deceptions. Robert Langdon is in possession a piece of the puzzle, given to him by a dear friend and is caught right in the middle of it. There’s even a helicopter involved in this book!

As with all Dan Brown he combines fact and fiction in a way that you want to go out and research the information yourself to find out how true it all is. I love the way he presents views for certain arguments in his books which to me, makes it a very unbiased read but I’m sure others would disagree with me.

If your a fan or not of the Dan Brown books you really should try to read this, but if it is your first time reading a Dan Brown book read the Da Vinci code first, its by far the best in the series!

Rating: 4/5 Buy on
Pros: Felt much more action packed than previous books. Some very tense moments and awesome twists with some unlikely allies
Cons: Slow to get started. I found myself skipping some blocks of text too