We went with a gold themed christmas tree in the living room this year, and for the first time we were sensible and measured the height we wanted!! The last few years we’ve had to put the star on sideways because the tree was too tall…. Also spot the token piece of tinsel. Every year my mother tries to remove all traces of tinsel and every year we manage to sneak one in there! I think this is also the first year I’ve taken full room shots with the christmas tree!


The christmas tree in my new office! Well, Its kind of my office. Its really the spare room that has been in a state of chaos for the past ten years made even worse by my frequent moving in and out so a few weeks ago we decided to have a massive clear out of that room which meant the two single beds had to go! It had sort of become the cats room really and we couldn’t have that. I then moved my desk in there ready to begin project photo! More on that soon. Since I’ve been spending a lot of time in there it made sense to have a tree. I’ve since spray painted it gold so its not so black and oppressive and it looks really nice!


The tree on the landing this year didn’t actually get any baubles until about two days after christmas, I made them with salt dough and spray paint. I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to go soggy?



My polar bears! I love these guys. I buy all my christmas decorations in January these were £1.50 each from Homebase! Only one of the advent calendars is mine! The lamp on the right is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. Its a PURE Twilight, DAB/FM Radio with Mood and Wake Up Light. It wakes you up gently in winter. It also plays you lullabies as you sleep and has different mood light settings with lots of colour combinations, you can even make your own! It also plays soothing sounds and dims the light to get you to sleep.