Gah! I never posted photos of our christmas trees! This year I went  a bit mental with the christmas trees!

Christmas 2009, 2010 (pt2), 2011.

Last year we visited four places before we finally decided on Crockford bridge farm as our firm favourite for finding a christmas tree.

Theres also a maidenhead aquatics there, which is one of the best fish shop chains. Its worth the journey. (If your lucky they will have some Gertrudes blue eyes!! Although they never have female bettas, Surrey Water Gardens is the only place I’ve found them in Surrey. Anyone been on aquabid lately…. Sorry, distracted…. no more fish…!)



We chose our new friend, terrance, and took him home with us! I wore my Cat hat so he knew what he was getting himself into.

The whole gang!



We had out real tree downstairs in the living room but I decided to set up our old fake tree on the landing. This was our second Christmas without Prin :( and Smudge is old enough now to know better than to climb trees so I thought why the hell not! I didn’t put the glass baubles up though. Just in case. And I used a tip from younghouselove and putt ol’ ludde under the tree. Little did I know smudge would make it her new home!

She was really quite cosy in her little tree!


Here are some close ups of the tree. I tried to do a gradient style with the decorations. It came out better than the year before lasts, which was so bad there are very few pictures of it!

I bought the decorations in the sales last year, they’re by Gisela Graham. Should really buy more.


I’ve not done a close up of the main tree because its the same decorations we always use! :)