I’m one third done with my Christmas Shopping, horay! I won’t say any more than that though because he might be reading… ¬¬ One thing I am on the lookout for now that I have his main present is some mens stocking fillers. Otherwise he wont have anything to open on Christmas day. (the price of having a birthday so close to christmas!)

He seemed to like this one! We spent a (rare these days!) free evening at the beginning of the week playing with the Wiki M-Cube. Thankfully it divided in half easily! Two only children and one toy, does not a good combination make! I would love to show you a photo I took of it in its little box but once it was out it of said box it has been my mission to get it back into that shape and into the box. I’m still nowhere close.

We decided to play the papadum game, which is where you break up your popadum in a random fashion and see what things you can make with the shapes. Only with magnetic balls, and you can’t put mango chutney and nerds* on them and eat them afterwards.

first up, a hephalump! (The other half of the balls were being used to make the meece mouse below so he kind of doesn’t have any legs :S )

My attempt at a meece mouse!

then things just got scary!!

I was really worried I’d have tiny little magnetic balls all over the place when I opened the package but these babies are strong. You can pull both ends of the ‘clump’ and they pull apart but stay together. Its really fun! I’ve mainly spent this week using them as a stress ball!


* Trust me, its tasty and you should all go and buy some nerds and try it.Thankfully our regular indian restaurant are very friendly and forgiving of our experiments.