I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!?

I very nearly didn’t get up until one, but there was Christmas morning breakfast to be had which this year included a bottle of bucks fizz which I was given for my 18th birthday! (5 years ago – ahhh!)

Presents (as usual in this house) were plentiful! Having a job, and only few people to buy for meant I went a little mad with present buying. I bought my mum a Kindle and for my dad, three PS3 games. Some rally game, GTA IV and Blur. The latter two are amazing and I’m considering getting for xbox too!

I didn’t forget Greg We’re doing our christmas shopping in the sales. I’ve chosen this, I bought some matching red, ‘tea’ ‘coffee’ ‘sugar’ jars to go with it new kitchen theme is chrome and red!

Onto the photos!

Our christmas tree all decked out on Christmas eve.

Our Christmas tree is up! I won the battle w00t normal size tree!

Close up of the decorations.

The 2010 DIY Christmas table decorations! Good thing we use many bows!

Our table decorations – improvised!


My new flash! I ordered some wireless triggers to go with it on Christmas day! Lets hope they work!