Christmas in our house always starts with a stocking, I’m 26 but its never going to get old! After we’re all up and dressed, usually around 11 we have scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. (No salmon for me!) then its time to unwrap presents!


My dad and I only progressed as far as unwrapping one present each before a time out was called so we could read instruction manuals and in my case hug (and instagram) said present. Oh yes, I’m officially a VITAMIX OWNER!! I had been uhming and ahhing over buying one for the past two years. This year I’d decided it was going to be the year so I started saving. Then along came the iPad Mini Retina which put a (not so mini) dent in my savings. After that my parents who had been less than enthusiastic about the whole ‘expensive blender’ thing decided to help me out and buy me the Vitamix! I think it arrived in the house about November and its been KILLING me not to use it! I compensated by watching hours of youtube videos on the vitamix and buying lots of fruit and veg themed things for it. I’m green smoothie mad now, I’ve only not used it for two days and I had a mad urge to blend something the whole time. I think the urge to blend might be contagious because manfriends mum was thinking of getting a blendy soup maker when I went to visit over new years.



After! The best part is it gets to stay on the kitchen counter! YAY! All my other kitchen implements are relegated to another room.

The parents also bought me The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (Nintendo Wii U), I think my constant nagging since the day it came out (just before my birthday) and the constant nagging since my birthday persuaded them that it would be a good investment. I’ve not actually played it yet though… because you know BLENDING THINGS and also because my awesomesauce manfriend bought me Paper Mario Sticker Star (Nintendo 3DS). As well as chocolate and a tamagotchi, who I’ve called Mochi. He knows me scarily well, the manfriend, not the tamagotchi. Paper Mario was on my nagging list way before Zelda so I’ve been playing that first… Incidentally its brilliant and silly. I should review it. I have a shiny Lancome makeover courtesy of manfriends parents too which will go quite nicely after my spa day from my Dad.


Obligatory presents photo.

Mochi!! My tamagotchi.


You may think this is odd gift, I think it genius. I was missing one tool from my toolkit, a hammer, but this one comes with a bottle opener and a knife…because hammering in nails just isn’t good enough without adding alcohol and knives! (My mother has recently discovered Aldi and all the random yet somehow essential items they sell!)


After unwrapping  presents it was time to try out the Vitamix. We had prepared for this too! Clementine Campari Cocktails. Turns out I dislike Campari immensely! Then there was time for another smoothie, choco monkey, I’d frozen the bananas six months previously, snacks and a quick go at setting up the leap motion that I bought for my dad before starting Christmas dinner and then drinking prosecco in front of the christmas TV. Its amazing how TiVO messes with your perception of time. It took until the end of Dr who before we realised we were an hour behind everyone else! I just thought Dr Who was more confusing than usual.


Chrismas dinner was Turkey for the flesh eaters in the house and a gluten free nut roast for me. Veggies all supplied by the manfriend freshly picked a few days before.


All in all an excellent Christmas except for the flooding.