My second review for the Summer Reading Challenge. Although its not really summer any more :(

The story revolves around a 19 year old girl who has lived a very sheltered life having been born with a heart with only one ventricle. She has spent most of her life not being like the other children and being constantly monitored by her over protective mother. As a result, Vida, is very honest and has a different view on life, because as she says, she knows she’s going to die soon.

This all changes when she gets a heart in a heart transplant. The heart belonged to Lorrie, Richards wife. He finally meets Vida a short time after the transplant when Vida immediately falls in love with him. At that point I felt the story could become a bit perverse – The character Vida is portrayed as a small childlike 19 year old while Richard is a 30 something year old man, so you can understand why I thought it might become a bit perverse!

The story doesn’t proceed how you expect it to though and Vida begins to grow up. There are many things you don’t expect to happen and I think the end of the book (which I wont give away) was an absolutely perfect way to finish such a charming story.

The book is written in diary form, by Vida at first then Richard begins to write a journal of events from his point of view too. The story is based around the idea of cellular memory, the cells of lorries heart remembering their love for Richard and as a result of this Vida falls in love with Richard too.

I’m not usually into soppy love stories, but this wasn’t soppy at all. I think the science takes away the romanticism for me – which is a good thing. If you don’t like soppy romance books you will definitely like this but if you love romance books that will make you cry you probably wont appreciate this as much.