Started and Stopped, Posterous to Tumblr

I really love Posterous. Their content management is just so much better than tumblr! I like that it automatically formats galleries, and that you can email into the site and it automatically sets up a blog for you and that you NEVER have to visit their admin panel. Auto posting is cool but the themes?

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List of Top Commenters in wordpress

If you’d like your own list of top commenters for 2010 here is the SQL. SELECT comment_author, comment_author_url, comment_date, comment_approved, count(comment_author_url) as n FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_date > ’2010-01-01 00:00:00′ AND comment_approved = 1 GROUP BY comment_author_url ORDER BY n DESC The sections marked in red may need changing – if you changed your DB

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Welcome to femgeek. This could be described as a lifestyle blog, if your lifestyle included photography, learning japanese, html, css, javascript, PHP, Photoshop, Wordpress and the raspberry pi that is.

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