Popup google map using FancyBox

This is a neat little trick I used when I was working on my final year project. You will need the latest version of fancybox, my lightbox of choice. First things first, go to google maps, and find your wanted location. Once you’ve done that, click the little ‘link’ icon in the top right hand

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HTML5 Placeholders for troublesome browsers (ie. IE9)

Edit [30.01.12]: Turns out I got something wrong. I’ve updated the code below to fix this. Note, I’ve only tested this with input and textareas! I originally found this code here but it didn’t support textareas, so I’ve added that in. Just add this javascript to your site, and then the following CSS to your

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Drupal 6 Forum Breadcrumbs

I hate drupal, and because I don’t think anybody else should suffer so much stress over something as simple as breadcrumbs, I give you this. Working, logical breadcrumbs with virtually no configuration. A few notes: I say logical, I mean this in reference to the person using the site. I know drupal has many breadcrumb

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Welcome to femgeek. This could be described as a lifestyle blog, if your lifestyle included photography, learning japanese, html, css, javascript, PHP, Photoshop, Wordpress and the raspberry pi that is.

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