Zend ISO Numeric Country Codes Dropdown

I thought it was about time I shared some of the ‘femgeekier’ things I do at work. Even if they’re not that impressive. I spent about 20 minutes putting this together the other morning and thought I would share it here in case anyone is ever needs it. Its useful for adding a country drop

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What RSS should look like

This post was going to be me sharing some of my favourite blogs of the moment, but when I realised that I hadn’t actually subscribed to some of them yet and went to subscribe I realised that something has gone horribly wrong in the world of blogging and it needs to be mentioned! No one

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Femgeek now with bootstrap and responsivenessessess

If your using rss, good on you, but click through to see the awesomesauce. I’m calling it version five because I called my last layout version four which is a complete lie because I’ve been terrible at taking screenshots of the layouts on femgeek!! I’d estimate there have been about 30 though. Which isn’t that

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Bored of Bootstrap

Take a look through builtwithbootstrap.com. Whats the first thing you notice? Me? I immediately notice two things. The first is white (and that shade of grey). The second? how similar all those sites look. From the font size to the button styles to the grey background on certain areas. (The other thing I notice is Helvetica Flipping

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Welcome to femgeek. This could be described as a lifestyle blog, if your lifestyle included photography, learning japanese, html, css, javascript, PHP, Photoshop, Wordpress and the raspberry pi that is.

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