UserScript: Quick link to Flickr Url and HTML code for images.

I’ve always preferred sourcing my (as in my own photos) blog post images from the flickr website rather than use a plugin. I’ve looked around for this functionality but it only seems to appear on the photos page  which isn’t very useful. This is a very basic user script that puts the url of the

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Femgeek framework: femPlate

I miss the days when you could just open up a text document and copy over a crazy doctype, an html, head and a body tag and start coding! Now you need like a million things to even start developing a site. jquery, modernizr, bootsrap, custom js plugins and css helpers I’ve come to rely

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Welcome to femgeek. This could be described as a lifestyle blog, if your lifestyle included photography, learning japanese, html, css, javascript, PHP, Photoshop, Wordpress and the raspberry pi that is.

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