These last few weeks seem to have been all buy, new, buy, new for me! It must seem as though all I’ve done is buy and be bought things! Well I promise this is the last thing. I bought myself a Canon EOS 550D!


It is awesome! My old 350D is still fantastic but you just can’t beat something new, modern and shiny. Not to mention it does video too, which is something I’ve been wanting to get into.

It has three new features on the twiddly dial thing that I’m still learning how to use, I find it difficult to leave my precious ‘P’ setting even though they’ve added an new auto mode minus flash. I’ve never used auto because it had flash enabled by default.

Some test photos, obviously of the cats!

So far the pros.
♥ Shiny and New
♥ Large screen makes previewing images so much easier, and photos look better
♥ VIDEO!! Although I keep forgetting it has this feature. And noone expects it to either! tehe *stealth filming*
♥ Buttons are in much better positions and the whole camera is perfect for my hand size!
♥ live view although I haven’t quite grasped how to focus very well in this mode but it still has its uses

The cons.
♥ Expensive!
♥ Its gonna take some getting used too, I still pick up my 350D out of habit.