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The last, and in my opinion the best post about my trip to Brighton. My purchases! I had to be very strict with myself as I’m trying to cut down on clutter in my room so I only bought a few really good things. I love antiques and flea markets I always make sure whatever I buy I really really love, so this is what I bought.

20120608_190505_s Woodland rabbit nighttime led light. I’ve wanted one of these guys for ages! Hes currently keeping my other bunny company.

BOOKS! I just had to have Battlestar Galactica and the rifles, to fuel my Sharpe addiction! I have no idea what the last raven is about but it sounded interesting! When I finish them I’ll have to visit the bookshop in Penn to exchange them!

20120608_190748_s You might not be able to make it out but this bottle says Lung Tonic! It made me smile!

Family pictures. I hate seeing those big boxes of someones memories being sold to any old person in a flea market. I like to think that if I buy some of them, at least someone will wonder about the people in the pictures. They also make me smile.

1, I love the family resemblance in this photo. 2, The look on the man in the left hand sides face makes me wonder what hes thinking. 3, this man is forever immortalised as a teeny tiny person! 4 & 5, these are of the same people. Must have been a day trip. The woman on the left hand side is pulling the most amusing face! 6 Makes me think of a BBC drama promotional photo gone wrong!

New Camera! I shouldn’t have I know but I was thinking of buying a new digital camera to carry around in my bag but I decided on this film one instead. The packaging sold it to me really. It said it was designed to go in a bag! After my last fiasco with the back of my Diana Mini opening in my bag, it sounded perfect! I knew I wouldn’t get it any cheaper online so I bought it. Its super light. Loading the film was a breeze. It takes half size pictures so the 24 roll of film I have in there will give me 48 photos! Definitely getting my moneys worth. (it was £39.99)