Part 1, Part 2.


After our trip underwater, we came outside to find the sun had come out! Hurrah! We decided to walk along to pier to kill some time before dinner!


Saw this on the pier, it made me laugh. Hmm, the seas wet is it?


You’d think I’d have gone for a more attractive look for an anniversary trip – ha!


Dinner was a lavish affair! We ate at Terra a Terre, a vegetarian restaurant.  I had such trouble deciding what to eat. Everything was so good. In fact we ordered three starters because we couldn’t decide. I didn’t even take any photos because I enjoyed the meal far too much to bother with all that!

We had our celebratory meal on the Thursday because I didn’t want to be out in Brighton on a Friday night. Call me old and boring but I didn’t want drunken revelers to spoil our evening.