For our anniversary (4 years! eep) Greg arranged for us to go on a (very) last minute trip to Brighton on Thursday morning. We stayed at the Cavalaire, it came highly recommended on trip advisor and rightly so. A lovely friendly place that we’ll definitely be staying at again. Next time we’ll stay a few days so we can explore the city properly and visit all the tea rooms and vintage emporiums! The location was perfect, about 10 minutes walk to the pier. We could even see the ferris wheel from our room.

Lunch on day one was at MetroDeco, a 1930s Parisian-style tea shop. Its decorated with Art Deco and 20th century furniture, which you can buy if you like. I’d buy the whole place if I had the money, or more importantly somewhere to put it. The whole place was exactly my style! Its making me want a house even more!


The decor wasn’t the only thing that was amazing. The tea was good too. I just had to try Pu-erh tea which I’d been reading about the week before! It was quite smokey but not too much so. It was also quite bitter, just enough that it went with my scones but not enough to make it undrinkable. If you don’t like black tea without milk, you probably wont like this tea. The colour was also fantastic. A golden red colour that turned darker with each cup!


After lunch we headed down to the pier to visit the Sea Life Center. What better way to escape the driving rain than by going under water! On our way we admired the sites! Quickly though, so as not to drown.


Part 2 soon, it has sunshine, and fish!