Take a look through builtwithbootstrap.com. Whats the first thing you notice?

Me? I immediately notice two things. The first is white (and that shade of grey). The second? how similar all those sites look. From the font size to the button styles to the grey background on certain areas. (The other thing I notice is Helvetica Flipping Nueue. ¬¬ )

All of these sites use bootstrap. Bootstrap is a wonderful tool, making responsive layouts a breeze and enabling design challenged developers to create nice looking websites quickly and without once having to open photoshop. All these things are great for the developer but its making the web look identical. Theres no creativity anymore. I’m bored of bootstrap!

I think we need to introduce a new rule, bootstrap should only be used for internal or prototype projects*. Personally when I see a site created with the default bootstrap colours I get the impression that dev “just doesn’t care”. I can’t help it, its the way I’m programmed.  If you loved your product/site and want me to use it then you should invest as much time in the design as you have the code on the back end.

* I’m certainly not saying you can’t use the framework! Its a great timesaver. What i’m saying is I’d like to go to a site that doesn’t look like the bootstrap example page. I want to have to look into the code to see the bootstrap files.

I will forgive you the use of the bootstrap buttons though. Cross browser css3 gradient buttons are a nightmare.

Also I realise that my current theme is ‘bootstrappy’, but I didn’t write it…..also I’m kind of OK with bootstrap being used on blogs. I never actually visit 99% of the blogs I read so who cares if they use Helvetica Nueue.


Sites I’ve unscrupulously used to prove my point, sorry guys: http://fceken.se/http://www.fortuna-associates.com/, http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/standard/, http://www.discoursehq.com/