A couple of months before christmas, I forget when! I saw a post on twitter about a Bloggers Secret Santa. I don’t know why but I signed up. I’m usually pretty terrible at sorting these things out but I’m determined to up my blogging game in 2013 and what better way to start than to give the community *cough*12 days of femgeek christmas*cough*. Or in this case Fran! My chosen victim er ‘secret santa-ee’.

The task was to buy your chosen person a gift worth £15. I kid you not I took notes on Frans blog, twitter and instagram! Also check out this post by Fran, she makes some very good points.


So Fran likes ponies, skulls (one thing we will never have in common I’m afraid!! I can’t even say the B word. *feels queasy*), mushrooms, crafting and pandas.

Now I’d love to show you some photos of what  I bought her but I don’t actually know where they are! I think they were on my phone and it sort of died while copying over to the SD card :(

So heres some photos of the items from google! Minus the Mushroom stickers and wrapping paper that I’ve improvised here!


Frans Secret Santa

Old school splatter brushes ftw. (Its late!)


And which unfortunate soul had me as their ‘secret santa-ee’! The lovely Lucy! (psst she’s blogged about my gift here!)

It was a shame to open such a prettily wrapped gift, but needs must!!




Drum roll please!!


TEA DRINKING SUPPLIES!! How did she know! My secret santa at work bought me some Chai tea so I’ve been curling up in bed with tea and minecraft videos all over Christmas!

Not pictured is the lovely tea towel, which you can see over at Lucy’s blog, because I’m trying to find a way to display it and I didn’t want to scrunch it up photographing it, its too nice for wiping on the dishes!

I stupidly let the cat get to the wrapping paper before I did so I wasn’t sure if it was Lucy or not! So I didn’t get to say thank you until I checked with Vicki that my suspicions were right! But thank you again Lucy, I love it. Still toying the idea of bringing it to work but don’t want it to a) break b) get lost! hmm.





Mushroom pattern source