I found a link to the Summer Reading Challenge via Jem.

Summer Reading Challenge

Its probably a bit too late for me to lounge around the Pool in Bahrain and read. I’m in Bahrain at the moment and in fact its far too hot to sit outside and read, the temperature is about 45c most days!

However I’m looking for another holiday for myself and Greg to go on together so I shall definitely need something to read on that trip as finding a book for this holiday was very unsuccessful! Being a creative person I judge a book by its cover; fonts, photoshop work, the lot!

Heres what I have chosen:
The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
Bryant & May on the Loose by Christopher Fowler
Second Hand Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde
E Squared by Matt Beaumont

They’re all different genres that I think I will like – I agonised for ages! I take after my mother who swears she will never read a book recommended by a girly magazine like Glamour or Good Housekeeping!! I tend to agree with her logic judging by the lack of actual things to read in magazines nowadays!

Why not comment on the entry yourself and try your hand at a book review! (This time you wont get red pen all over it!)