If you recall a while ago I was sent a pair of bassbuds to review. They’re still going strong, I’ve even had a few comments about them on the bus! I do so love the ‘clinky’ noise they make against other metal objects! Equally well made is their latest product, bassboomz.

Bassboomz is actually a something I didn’t know existed, a bluetooth speaker. The speaker itself is quite weighty, but sturdy. Its comes with a USB cable for charging and an Aux cable to connect to a head phone jack. Connecting your device to the speaker is so straight forward but something I didn’t realise when I first set it up was that bluetooth doesn’t work when you are charging the device.

I’ve said before that I’m not particularly qualified to comment on sound quality, but thankfully our favourite sound designer is! He was very impressed by the quality of the speaker, his only negative comment was “its a shame its only mono”! The sound is as you would expect of a product called bassboomz, there is a lot of bass!

I tested them out with a few tracks from my note, I did have to keep adjusting the volume on my phone because of all the different genres. When a song with a lot of bass came on the speaker did start to vibrate against the table, but I placed the speaker on a cork coaster and that reduced it.

I can’t wait to set it up in the kitchen when I’m cooking dinner. I will definitely be able to hear above the extractor fan!

If you would like a £30.00 discount on your very own BassBoomz just enter this code on their websiteBBZ304627

RRP: £79.99, with discount code £49.99