I was recently sent some Bass Buds to review. I like them. A lot. Let me explain.

I don’t wear headphones for about 4-5 hours a day. The rest of the time I’m plugged in. I listen to music while I travel to work. I use them for my work, sometimes listening to music sometimes pretending, and probably slightly abnormally, I sleep with them on too.

I recently lost my dear pair of Sony ear buds and tragically had to replace them with ‘skull kandy’ ones until I could afford to buy new Sony ones. Do not buy ‘skull kandy’ £10 headphones. They’re tinny, plastic and their only practical use is shoe laces. You get what you pay for!

So anyway, imagine my delight when these turned up.

I’m not joking when I say I actually ‘oooed’ when I opened the box. Hello you shiny glittery SWAROVSKI encrusted aluminium beauties. (Also, in red!! eee)

I wore these headphones all week and I definitely had some looks. I wasn’t sure if it was because I’ve just dyed my hair a very unnatural black though but wow do these guys stand out!

You may have noticed my tragus piercing in the photo above. I find these guys irritate it much less than my Sony’s and infinitely less than the ‘Skull Kandy’ ones.


The earbuds

These things are substantial. Not at all heavy. They feel well made and the tubing around the cable makes the cable feel less flimsy. Also they make a really satisfying clinking noise against each other when you hold them up.

The packaging is also very practical (see below for all the goodies included). The classic buds include another two sets of earbuds in different materials and sizes. Theres a little carrying case and some instructions. The reason I say the packaging is practical is because of these said extras. All earbuds seem to come with different sized extensions these days. Where are you supposed to keep them all?! Why, In the snazzy little box of course!

Audio quality

The audio quality is spot on. They have something called crystaltronics which I’m pretty sure means they have more shiny crystals inside that some how makes the music clearer.

It was quite interesting comparing them to my one eared sony headphones. Listening to the same song the bass buds did sound quieter, even though the volume was the same, but the sound was much clearer. There was also that distinctive bass sound almost as if the music and the bass were on separate levels but in a way that made the song sound more complex.*

* the song was “When we stand together” by Nickelback. Its probably illegal to use the word complex in the same context as Nickelback.


The bass and leakage.

The bass was a blessing and a curse. I’m the most anti bass person you will ever meet. I’m the person who if you sit next to me and I can hear the bass in your headphones I will stare at you until you turn it down. If that fails I’ve often considered carrying a small pair of nail scissors…

I’m also incredibly paranoid about being said person with bass leaking out of their ears. (wow what a horrific image) So I tested the leakyness of these headphones and I’m pleased to say they leak much less than my Sony ones. I had the music loud enough that I couldn’t hear the train announcer which is loud enough for me and anyone who values their hearing and not a single note could be heard.


wow that photo really shows how huge the galaxy note is!

Microphone and Call/MP3 controller.

I mainly use my ipod nano which doesn’t have the ability to use the controller but in the interests of the review I tested them out with my iPhone and Galaxy note.

Here come my first negatives. There is no volume control on the controller! To me this is a key piece of functionality. I think I used the volume controls on the sony earbuds more than the play pause. I’m constantly changing the volume of my music. If I want to eavesdrop I can’t turn the volume down subtly!

Second negative. The controller does’t work on the Galaxy note. It will only go to the next track and play pause. I was using the default music playing app so maybe it would work if I used a different one? It works brilliantly with the iPhone though!


My conclusion? A worthy replacement for my Sonys.
Sound quality is much better and they look awesome! They’re currently on offer £34.95 down from £49.95. You can get them here. (Theres a promotional lightbox that loads when you first visit the page, click the little x in the bottom right to browse the actual website and all the different colours/combinations – it confused me at first, I thought that was the whole website!)

You can also play the promotional game on their website. You play a bassbud who has to avoid the cheap earphones! (I lol’d)

You can play the Bass Bud game here. Depending on how long you survive you can get a discount code up to £7.50! If you get into the top of the leader board by midnight on 31st July 2012 you’ll win 6 pairs of earbuds! A little excessive but I suppose a girls got to accessorise! Even if you don’t win your entered into a prize drawe too. You literally can’t lose!