I’ve been having some minor tear your hair out moments regarding hosting the last month! My host for 2/3 years completely disappeared from the internet, domain expired, twitter not updated since June, and the only information I found was on snark, the owner is a member there, but she had sold the company a while ago!

All this is an example of how NOT to run a hosting company!

Anyway, thankfully I won a competition on smashing magazine for a years free hosting with eleven2 and thank god I did because I rescued all my files and transferred them in time!

Holdfire’s uptime was really bad, but eleven2′s is worse! I won the lowest tier package so maybe they have a little thing on file that says ‘won free account let server go down 12 times in a day for an hour at a time’ but I doubt it. See below.

All those emails are from Pingdom telling me when my site is down for longer than 10 minutes. I’m aware it might not very reliable but I’ve not had any emails since I moved to Clook! and I usually check the site myself when I get the emails and its always been down!



So now I’m back to my reseller days, not that I’m using WHM as more than one cpanel is far too confusing! Clook is good so far and my first UK host! I’m also paying a lot more than I used to but I’m going by the theory of you get what you pay for!


Wish me luck!!


P.S If your still on holdfire their domain seems to be back up but they’ve lost any credibility in my book. If you can’t access your site FTP if you know the IP address of your server you can access your files through that. I think you can download your database though SSH too if you know how but I didn’t try as I already had database backups!