Apologies for all the posts on Saturday, an old domain is expiring and i’m transferring all the good stuff over here. Its all horribly outdated but I just can’t let it go!

I’ve been experimenting with combining all my interests into one. I’ve decided to write a backbone app for learning japanese and host the code on github. What better way to learn?

I’ve codenamed it hAnki, after the popular SRS app, Anki. Its supposed to be a mobile app which will work in the browser as well.

It will use local storage which will then sync to a sql database, useful for when i’m commuting. So far you can view decks from the database, but theres no login and theres no way to view the flashcards yet. It also doesn’t work on a phone for some reason! So definitely a work in progress!

The API uses SlimFramework which is so simple and easy to use!

The overall framework is run using Backbone, with Underscore as the template engine. I’m using jQuery and jQuery mobile with iScroll.

I’ve loved working with Github, its what svn should be! I even did some rebasing, I think I got it right!