I’m back from Bahrain and there’s about 1000 things I’d rather do that edit this lot!


I don’t know what it is but I just can’t make these photos look…interesting! There’s only so many photos of oil pipes and gas lines you can show to people. (That number being about 1, for those curious!)

Hopefully though, my new Canon 550D will soon solve that, as I’m expecting every photo to come out of it to be pure photographic genius! I’m so unbelievably excited!

I’m sad too, because its an end of an Era. I bought my faithful 350D in Upper Sixth, making it over 5 years old! Its been to China, Canada, Bahrain, Cyprus and all over England! And with my new mac too everything is changing! (Especially my bank balance!) I knew this day would come. I said from day 1 of my year in industry that I would buy myself a new mac when I finished and I have!

The only worry I have is what do you do with these objects that have been an extension of your being for so long. I’m finding it very difficult to give up my old mac. Neither my mac or my camera are worth a fraction of their original price! If only you could sell things on sentimental value!