If you’ll remember from my probably slightly over elaborate personal digital organisation system. I use labels to indicate what state everything is in.

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 13.53.03

To summarise:

  • I backup onto three external harddrives, flickr, dropbox and evernote.
  • I have a folder that contains everything I will ever need to backup. If it can’t live there, I create an Alias/Shortcut for it.
  • Each folder has three states. Green = Up to date, Red = Needs to be backed up and Orange if its only been backed up to one of the above services.

It was getting a little tiresome to manally change the label colour of each folder so I’ve written an applescript to do it for me. I couldn’t find anything similar in Google so maybe this will help! Its my first time writing an applescript too.

To enable you need to save the script ‘FolderHasChanged.scpt’ to “Macintosh HD > Library > Scripts > Folder Action Scripts”.

Then right click on your chosen folder. (I have them assigned to each folder individually, just in case!) and select “Folder Actions Setup…

Then select the script and close the dialogue. Test it by dropping a new folder into the watched folder!