In celebration of our 3 year anniversary Greg bought me some lovely roses.

I’ve never been able to get a decent photo of roses, the WB is always off or theres too much red plus most rose photos look the same!! (these ones included!) I’m so pleased with these because I’ve not had to do any adjustments to exposure/contrast whatsoever! I’ve not even run them through photoshop! Still a lot of work to be done on my photography skills though.


As for how I lit it, I have a ‘daylight light’ on the left, the middle section of my reflector as a background and the outer part of the reflector held wide by Gregs bow which is hooked over a mic stand! I bounced the flash off the ceiling. Its a definite DIY job but I’m pleased with the results.

yes it really is a bow!!


Now I know why photographers have assistants!