Before we visited Alpacas we stopped off at Norfolk Lavender. Its an amazing place. Not just because they have a playground with trampolines!!! (I don’t know how I ever used to do summersaults! I just about managed to remember my old routine!) Also there were crazy swings!

Anyway, onto the Alpacas!!! I was SO excited about this. I love them SO much and if my car hadn’t been crammed with suitcases I would snuck one into the boot! If you ever want to do something exciting and fun you definitely need to give this guy a call, Alpaca trekking!

We did the two hour trek, we learnt all about the tides and the history of the area but mostly I was planning how much land I could buy so I could have my own herd of alpacas.

After the trek we fed the alpacas apples. I think they liked it more than me. Their teeth were a little scary…!