Theres a shop in Weybridge with a very dubious name, White Stuff. Its a more expensive version of FatFace which lives on the other side of the road. They do all that hippie/surf style stuff. Anyway, I didn’t try on any clothes but I did find this:


A sun spot bracelet. I loved it! Unfortunately I’m not only incredibly poor at the moment but I’m also too cheap to spend £10 on something made of string and beads!

I knew I’d seen the style before and after a few odd Google queries I found Hemp Jewelry or Macramé. I’ve been trying the technique out this afternoon, its easy to do but difficult to make look good! It just reminds me of primary school when friendship bracelets were all the rage!

Anyway, try this out with some bits of twine you have hanging about!

A quick introduction – following the instructions is hard!

This is the best video, she is a really good teacher and has such a nice voice! Bear with her in the beginning though! :P

heh, I thought I could do this one! Only for the brave!