Oooh yes. This is my idea of a good time, photographing unboxing things. It drives everyone I know nuts!

Unboxing the camera took about half an hour, the cat kept doing the wobbly feet about to jump thing whilst at the camera because I wasn’t giving her enough attention! So I had to have a cuddle break!

Apologies for the quality of the pics, I used my iPhone. (yes I’m still using it, the galaxy note’s camera is awful)



Sexy isn’t it. Its also HUGE. I love that the kit lens comes with a little leather pouch! (Do all L lenses come with little pouches to keep them in? they should!)


Another neat thing is the charger. It flashes once, twice and three times a second depending on how charged the battery is. The cameras menu also gives you information on how healthy the battery is.


And finally, I lined up all my cameras. The 350D and the 50mm 1.8 lens that I’m keeping. I didn’t sell this camera because, a) its worth nothing b) I need a point and shoot and c) I’m surprisingly attached to it. It was my first DSLR and its been all around the world with me.

The middle camera is my old 550D and Sigma 18-200mm lens, which I have now sold.

and finally the 5D mk3. Which needs a name!