I seem to always take photos of the same thing when I’m testing out a new camera related toy/app, yes, its the fish tanks. In a few weeks they wont be here any more, they’ll be at home, so this is probably one of the last photos I’ll take of the setup :(

I added notes too, just so I can remember who was in there at the time.

The pluppy is a genetic freak born in Emily’s tank! We think its a guppy/platy hybrid, which has been mentioned on forums, but its supposed to be impossible! Tbh I’d be surprised if I didn’t end up with some half betta half platy fry soon the way the platys have been going after poor Rosie!

(yes I know their bubblenesters and livebarers!)

Will you show me photos of your fish tanks if you have one? Would you want a tank?!