Well my latest plan is to have a hamster friend. I have a 200l tank that would be perfect as a hamster home. I’m either going to get a cream syrian, or a pair of dwarfs. They would certainly be rescues.

Think of all the space they could have. One end would have a large sand area for sand baths and digging. All of my inspiration is coming from here and here.

I learnt an interesting fact yesterday when Gregory and I went to [email protected] The ‘adoption’ section is usually just animals that are too big (as in not cute and little enough) to be in the main sales pens so they are put up for adoption. Sad isn’t it.

I went to Tiny Tims Tearoom for the first time yesterday, wow its expensive and very touristy but it made up for it in tasty tasty scones and even better, they do soya milk! I appreciate the irony of having soya milk in my tea and massive blob of clotted cream on my butter covered scones but its worth the pain – plus I can’t stand milk!!