I’ve written a fair amount of the user guide for The Community Project. Now I have 4 sides to go through of changes to do to the main essay! My mum has been extra picky!

I’ve been shopping today too! I think it was about time. I found myself cutting up and reshaping my ‘lovely’ dragon t-shirt this morning! One day I’ll work out how to thread that damn sewing machine and I wont have to hand sew things! Its a mini one, so its all fiddly!

Mother bought me a nice top from Next and some new leggings, which I really needed and couldn’t have afforded otherwise!

I also found a new range in h&m called the country garden…and went a little mad! I literally look like a walking garden when I wear this dress! But it is so very me! :D

I cant find photos of the rest, I’ll try to take some nice pictures, have been considering getting out my dads old olympus, it takes such nice photos!

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The cupcake I had for lunch :D