The fish.

My tank is now fully stocked. (until I get another one!!)

4 x Platys, 3 x African Dwarf Frogs, 3 x Bristlenose, 1 x Female Betta (Rosie), 5 x Guppies, 1 x pakistani Loach, 3 x Neon Tetras, 2 x black phantom tetras, 1 x rosie phantom tetras, 2 x pluppies, 6 x Gertrudes Blue Eye, 2 x golden striped goby’s
A nice lady I met on, gave me two baby bristlenose ancistrus, she tried to give me four! They are adorable! They’re much cuter when they’re babies!

The Guppy’s (and those damn pluppies!) will soon be going into my dads tank, which will then go into my special guppy and frog tank which I have planned for when I move home. 

Here is my latest goby friend :)

And a male Gertrudes Blue Eye. As far as I can tell they are very easy to breed so when I move home I will be moving them into the 17liter tank so they can breed happily! They are my first rainbow fish!

I caught one of the frogs being silly the other day! :D

Valentines Day.

Was gloriously uneventful it was awesome. I made sure not to be working that day so we had a nice day of just sitting around and not having to do anything – which really does make a change!!
Gregory bought me 12 roses! :D I’ve never had 12 before.

And a betta necklace! How much more perfect could you get! :D

We decided to have a fry-up for breakfast/lunch, I overdid it slightly with the food, 10 sausages, 4 eggs and 8 hashbrowns. I only ate 2 eggs and three has browns – greg ate the rest!! :S

I’m visiting Greg at the moment in London, we went down the pub for a pint the other night!

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