Damnit another new year, I’m still writing 2008 on things!! What exciting things have happened over the past few weeks!?

We went to visit my cousin and her new baby, Elora.

I ate a LOT of food over christmas! On Christmas Day we had Beef Wellington, which was amazing. On Boxing Day we had Venison and the day after we finished off the rest of the Wellington. I drove back to kent on the 27th for Gregs birthday and had another roast then too!!

We went mental with presents this year, the aftermath was a sight to behold!

My christmas cake this year was also pretty awesome! :D I melted Fox’s Glacier mints and poured them over a rolling pin so that they made cool shapes! :D

I have a new pair of Emu boots! :D They’re shorter than the last ones and blck, but as my old ones were falling apart my mum bought me a new pair! I’ve worn the old ones every day for over a year!! :S

This year I had lots of random little presents which was awesome but bad at the same time, as I now have SO many new things to play with! How am I supposed to get any work done!?

I have an xbox 360 gold subscription for 12 months and Call of Duty which I suck at!Mini ninjas for ps3 (I was supposed to be getting a ps3 for chirstmas but my dad got it instead – long story! He’ll soon tire of being rubbish at it and it’ll be mineeee!)The new zelda game for the DS,Perfume and a necklace with my name on it,Another external harddrive, my 5th! Its a good one though so hopefully it’ll last!I also received a different series of voyager from family friends!
Which means that, with the addition of the 4 series of battlestar galactica Greg has lent me, and the entire 10 series of stargate sg-1 Greg bought me for Christmas I also now have another 4 series of voyager to watch! And the final series of heroes!!
I made a Triumph Herald Cake for Gregs birthday, it could have been so much better but it looked good, and tasted even better!!

The windscreen is made from melted fox mints, but it snapped when I cut it! :(

And for new year?

For my sanity’s sake I did nothing! Phew!

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