I’ve just found this article on lifehacker.

You can iew twitter and facebook in your gmail window.

To install just follow these instructions:
1. Go to Settings –> Labs, find “Add any gadget by URL” and activate it.
2. Find a XML gadget for Gmail or iGoogle.
3. Go to Settings –> Gadgets, enter the gadget URL into the text box and click Add.

These are the gadget URLs:
Twitter – http://twittergadget.appspot.com/gadget-gmail.xml
Facebook – http://hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadgets/file/104971404861070329537/facebook.xml

To get them to go full screen just click on the names in the sidebar and they will load on the right where your emails usually go :) Very handy for when your travelling and don’t have your own machine with you!

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